We’d like to send a BIG THANK YOU to all you pioneers that have put your trust on us. We are amazed about all the interest that Hickory and Dickory have gather. The amount of preorders and support messages is just AWESOME!


In order to make this happen we are going to organize our production in batches. The first batch of 100 preorders is now completed :)). All people included in this first preorder list will benefit of our launching price of 249 euros with free shipping all around the world (taxes not included). That’s our way thank all of you for being there since the very beginning.


 After we accomplish this first 100 shipments we will open a second production batch. Here the controllers will have a slightly higher price. Also we will release a DIY kit of both controllers for those who want to get their hands dirty :).

More details about this soon. We keep in touch!