First ideas

There is this idea buzzing around: Hickory and Dickory are going to be specific MIDI controllers and they have to be USEFUL. To achieve that maybe is worth to keep them as simple as possible on the user side, even though that implies a more complex inner design.

Some goals we should achieve:

    No DIN connector. MIDI messages must flow through the USB connector.

  • No external power supply. This means that it has to be powered through the USB port (which implies low power consuption).
  • We want them to look and feel as analog as possible, so no encoders please.
  • One has to feel like use it: big pannel, big knobs.
  • It has to be THIN!

Maybe is asking too much?


So, the idea behind Hickory and Dickory is to develop two MIDI controllers for use with FabFilter’s ProC and ProQ/L respectively, with lots of pots, switches and leds.

While we detail the specifics, here’s a first test with an Arduino UNO, MIDUINO board and a 50K potentiometer. Basic recognition of pot values and conversion to MIDI messages seems to work fine.