Well, after a lot of tests and thinking, we have decided to use laser engarving for the silkscreen. We needed three tests to adjust the laser output power, but here it is (thanks a lot to my friend Abel Guzmán)!

Very sharp and clear finish. Very happy.

Front panel

It’s time to think about the front panel. The first idea was using 2RU panel size, but due to the large amount of controls this looks to small. A 3RUx19” panel feels much better!
My guy Nano Cañamares is working on the thesign. Now we have to figure out an easy way to make the silk-screen…


First protoboard test using a Teensy 3.1 with some multiplexers, and all is working fine. This is a more powerful microcontroller, and also Arduino compatible. Definitely, we’re going for Teensy.