Greetings, humans!

Well, the day has come! Today we proudly announce our existence to the world! And what better way than making a short teaser? We hope you all like it.

PD: Maybe is not very relevant, but the music has been composed, mixed and mastered for the occasion using this very controllers 😉

More news coming soon….


We are thinking seriously about makin our controllers OSC compatible.

For those who doesn’t heard about it, OSC or Open Sound Control is a new standard that will possibly  be the “next MIDI thing”. Bidirectional, intuitive, more resolution… the more we know about it, the more we like the idea.

We’ll keep you updated.


New knobs

This beautiful and rock solid knobs have get to our hands thanks to our friends at Befaco.

MXR style in an elegant black and white fashion. Our controllers don’t deserve less ;).