OSC ready!

We’ve got some cool good news: OSC capability is up and running!

Using this bi-directional protocol sorts out the problem of “parameter jumping” when changing from track to track. Also, it allows us to use up to 1024 poins of resolution, a very handy thing when controlling parameters like frequency (see our F.A.Q. page for more details).

Demo video coming soon…

A quick update

Hi folks

It’s been a while since our las post!  Some of you have asked what have we been into during all this time. Well, as many of you know, bureaucracy has delayed the project a bit. Appart from other incredibly boring legal stuff that we went over, right now we are dealing with CE marking and certifying labs availability. The summer break has come and we’ll have to wait until September to end  with the necessary lab tests, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel 🙂

On the engineering side there has been a few upgrades too:

  • We have made a big progress with the OSC firmware! Still lot of work to do, but we are happy to see that this is something attainable.
  • We developed an easy way to send firmware updates to the users.
  • We are developing the software that will let the user to configure the controller parameters.

So, despite of the stones in the road we found, all  keeps flowing in the right direction. We’ll keep you updated.

Enjoy the heat!