“Analog gear feeling”

DICKORY is the perfect companion for HICKORY, and it is conceived to control both FabFilter’s Pro-C  and Pro-L. Like Hickory, our little friend has an specific and unique design for working with these plugins, but  it can be used to work with any MIDI/OSC compatible plugin or device.

Just as Hickory, each of its 20 potentiometers are “momentary push” type. This allows you to control two plugin parameters with the same knob.

“Multi-purpose potentiometers: total control of your plugin parameters”

“Two for one”

The upper row of controls belongs to the compressor, the lower row to the limiter plugin. One controller to rule both!

Features in deep:

  • Supports MIDI CC and MIDI NRPN messages.
  • Supports OSC protocol.
  • All potentiometers are “momentary push” type.

Compressor side (top controls):

  • Controls for Threshold, Ratio, Knee, Style, Attack, Release, Wet y Dry.
  • Oversampling, Release Auto y Wet Auto switches.
  • Sidechain section with controls for Stereo Link, LF frequency, Band Frequency y HF frequency.
  • This section also includes a Sidechain ON, Audition ON, HF ON, Band Auto, Band ON, y HF ON switches with LED indicators.
  • Compressor bypass switch.

Limiter side (bottom controls):

  • Input Gain, Style, Lookahead, Attack and Release controls.
  • Channel link section with Transients and Release controls.
  • Output gain pot.
  • Oversampling switch.
  • Limiter bypass and main ON/OFF switch with LEDs.