First prototype

Well well well. Ladies and gentlemen, first prototype is up and running.

Although everything is working fine, there are some things to improve:

  • Besides the main board, a control board to house all the panel components is definitely necessary.
  • There’s no way we are going through that wire madness again. Maybe a new main board design to fix a thing or two… Also it would be great if the same board could be used for Hickory and Dickory.
  • The software running inside the Teensy still has to be refined.

Let’s do it!


After thinking A LOT about the silk screen, we have decided to use laser engarving. There were necessary three tests to adjust the laser output power, but here it is!

Very sharp and clear finish. Very happy.

Front panel

It’s time to think about the front panel. The first idea about using 2RU panel size seems to be a little small due to the amount of controls, so we go for 3RUx19”.

Today we’ve received the first couple. Now we have to figure out an easy way to make the silk-screen…