OhMyBytes begins as a personal project and with a very personal feeling in mind. As a musician and tech nerd, I've always had the feeling that musician needs and musical industry solutions often go over different paths. This together with my obsession for the DIY world has made me try to make my own gear and gadgets to use on stage or studio.

As time went by I realized that other musicians/engineers/producers were also interested in this kind of devices, and over the years the idea of growing from scratch some kind of “project” that could offer all the things I missed was rounding my head.

I just needed a little push, which my friend Nano Cañamares, mastering engineer from dBeauty Salon, was more than happy to provide. He proposed me to create a couple of ad hoc MIDI controllers for two plugins he uses the most: Pro C and Pro Q form FabFilter.

As could not be otherwise, I took the call. And what started like a little favor for a friend's studio ended with the first couple of gadgets from OhMyBytes: Hickory and Dickory.

Where will this take us no one can tell, but so it begins. Let's have fun!