HICKORY is a MIDI controller. It’s designed to work with FabFilter’s plugin Pro Q2, although like any other MIDI controller it can be used with any other type of EQ,  or with any other type of plugin that supports MIDI protocol.

Every single of the 20 rotary controllers are potentiometers, not encoders. This provides a very cool analog/old fashion/vintage feel. Besides there’s a feature we are very proud of: all potentiometers have PUSH, which is the same that saying that every potentiometer can handle up to two parameters. This is achieved by sending two different control change MIDI messages, one while turning the potentiometer and another while pushing and turning.

A feature like this is very useful when assigning some related parameters to the same pot, like Q and SHAPE, for example.

Hickory has two operation modes. In MODE 1 the three position switch (MODE) sends a different MIDI message for each position, so this messages can be assigned to the M/S/ST control from the plugin window. This mode is great if you want to keep it simple and can be used together with our downloadable preset.

If you need a more complex EQ scheme then MODE 2 is for you. In MODE 2 the MODE switch does not send any MIDI message. Instead it acts over his corresponding EQ band, making each potentiometer to send a different MIDI message for every switch position. This is useful for complex EQ schemes, where each band acts like three bands, one for M, one for S, and another for ST mode. Download our MODE 2 preset and check its power.

Features in deep:

  • 1 high pass filter band with frequency and Q control.
  • 5 parametric bands with frequency, gain, and Q control.
  • 1 low pass filter band with frequency and Q control.
  • Each band has a MUTE switch that allow to bypass the equalization on that band. It also has a bi-color LED glowing red to indicate that the band bypass is on, and green for bypass off.
  • Each band has a three position switch (MODE) for choosing between Middle, Stereo or Side modes.
  • General bypass switch with LED indicator.
  • ON/OFF switch.